Property Management on the Costa Blanca,

your House and Property is in best hands with us, ...


... ´cause prevention is better than renovate and repair!

mould on the wall mould between window and heatingcalcified faucet

  • Rooms, where the air can´t exchange and that aren´t heated, foster the growth of mould. Mould spores are toxic to the air we breathe. With mould in the house, you need to renovate and possibly tear the finish down. Regular house care guards against it.

  • The sewage tubes are narrow here. Are they not flushed from time to time, deposits can dry and cause blockages. Professional pipe cleaning is expensive, you may have to dig up. We have witnessed this as property managers for a new customer.

  • Unused water lines easily calcify in our region. If you are unfortunate enough, the faucet will have to be replaced or tiles to be taken off.

  • If the flushing of the toilet leaks, you can experience a decent swamping.

  • If you have a leak in the main water pipe, then not only the water losses are high, Aquagest will set off the water. Without notice by our postal service, the pool pump will be running dry and burn out.

  • If the power has been switched off, you have no air-conditioning, no heating, no light, and the water of the pool is probably spoilt.

  • With the gas valves not being turned off at the bottle and inside, a small leak might cause an explosion.

  • Hopefully your doors, locks and the alarm system are safe. If there is a gap in your security system, there may be thefts or people might move in illegally.

    price example 1: monthly airing, flushing of the pipes, house controls: 15.00 + VAT / month


Postal Service, well, I don´t know?

     notification of a registered letterutility invoices

  • For problems with the bank account and when utility bills were ignored, here they simply set you off water or electricity. This can lead to damage, annoying walks to regain coverage and high cost of re-registration. Seen already, such a notification for a registered letter?             
  • Also, neighbourhood problems can escalate easily if you do not observe the correspondence. There may be complaints, arbitrary actions or even damage.

    price example 2: monthly mailbox emptying and notification of important or special mail: 5.50 + VAT / month.
    price example 3: monthly real estate full-service (price 1 + price 2 in saving combination): 16.70 + VAT / month


Tending the garden I can do on my own, can´t I?

     bougainvillea shrub bougainvillea blossoms ivy shrub

- In principle, yes, if you live here or stop by very regularly, have the power and the desire to do it and also the tools and equipment. But please note:

  • Trees that stand on or are close to your property might break in a storm. That can damage walls and endanger pedestrians.
  • Aggressive plants such as e.g. bougainvilleas and ivy with their roots and branches are attacking water pipes, windows, roof channels and roof tiles.   
  • Gum trees grow rapidly and grow heaps of leaves. Ground plants will suffocate underneath. Because of the sharp sticky milk they should be cut only with safety goggles and gloves.
  • Cacti are actually easy to cut, but be careful, some have mordant juices. Others protect themselves with extremely fine spines that can penetrate deep into the skin. The inflammation will be quite nasty.
  • Destroying weeds is easy if you have the right agent that acts longterm, know the right doses and have a garden sprayer. But this herb grows in every season, even if you are not here.
  • Do you have a trailer at your disposal? The transportation of the plant masses might produce umpteen trips by car and make it very filthy?

    price example 4: price per hour: 13.00 + VAT.


Pool care in winter, is it a must?

pool care      looks clean...... but what´s inside the filter?

- Basically yes, unless you cover your pool with a special cover. It's not cheap to buy and the tarp needs to be replaced after a couple of years because of the high UV radiation exposure. After re-opening you usually have to do a lot more than usual against algae and bacteria and carry out a thorough cleaning.

  • The wind often blows violently on the coast. Since all the leaves fly around, they assemble in the water. The pump sucks them into the skimmer and the main filter until they are full of vegetal waste. Residues remain on the ground, the pool gets dirty and algae grow. The pool pump will be suffering from the clogged filters.
  • But it gets really bad when the (running-in) water is cut off by Aquagest or a villain with just a simple tool. Then the water level drops, the pump runs dry, gets hot and breaks.

    price example 5: weekly pool control and care incl. chemicals for a pool of 6 x 4m: 75.00 + VAT / month. For the winter we recommend pool covers of a reliable company we trust in, in order to save costs for
    care and power.

Regular inspections and maintenance will save you much more than they cost!

We look after your property, house, garden and pool - always reliable and with attention to detail. Thus the value of your property is maintained.